A project of LA-based writers Adriana Widdoes and Emma Kemp, WHICH WITCH exists somewhere between "publishing practice" and "artist collaboration." In our collaborative practice as WHICH WITCH, we are interested in women-centered projects that explore narrative through research, image, and text-based works. In our personal lives, we are interested in cults, pizza, cats, velvet, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Vincent Gallo, reality TV—there is a considerable amount of crossover.

Recent projects have included the WHICH WITCH Writers-in-Residence program at the historic Saugus Cafe; a musical score and reading at &NOW15 literary festival; a breakfast-themed book launch at Thank You For Coming (eggs—"ANY WAY YOU LIKE 'EM"); and in partnership with the Women's Center For Creative Work, "HOW ARE YOU FEELING TODAY?" wherein we provided complimentary sanitary products, sweet treats, holistic pain treatments, and other tools for self-care at the 2016 L.A. Art Book Fair.